HOUSTON PODCAST STUDIO is your source for professional podcast production.  Whether you are a seasoned podcaster, or someone looking to start a podcast, we can help you create something to be proud of.


Come record in our professional custom studio fully furnished with professional broadcast equipment.  We will make you look and sound good!


Take a look at what we’re currently producing for some of our clients at HOUSTON PODCAST STUDIO!

As part of our monthly package, your production will include a custom intro video, a custom layout branded for your podcast with titles under each host and guest, along with several other custom video options.

HOUSTON PODCAST STUDIO is located within radio station KYST 920 AM in Southwest Houston. 

Our foundation in radio made for an easy transition into professional podcast production.

Impress your podcast guests and co-hosts in a high-end office and studio that includes broadcast quality microphones and production equipment along with state-of-the-art sound proofing to help you produce a podcast that rivals (and even surpasses) some of the top national productions.

why start a podcast?


Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals

  • Stand out in your industry
  • NETWORKING – connect with potential business & lead referral partners
  • Branding opportunity

Social Media Influencer

  • Content creation (video/audio)
  • Hotest & fastest growing media
  • Network with other influencers


  • Fun to create
  • Record with friends or family
  • Discuss topics you are passionate about (gaming, fishing, etc.)



Houston Podcast Studio Rental

Are you a veteran podcaster who already knows how to distribute and produce your podcast, but would like to use broadcast quality equipment without having to invest thousands of dollars? Rent our studio by the hour and take the audio and video file with you when done!

Houston Podcast Studio Network

Would you like the complete service package? Let us handle the recording, production, AND distribution for you as a member of the Houston Podcast Studio network!  The only thing you have to worry about is the content and guests of your podcast.

 As a member of the Houston Podcast Studio network we will help you create a podcast to be released on a weekly basis that consists of high quality elements such as intro, outro, music beds, and commercial breaks. Give us 48 hours and we will turn your raw audio recording into a fully produced and mixed podcast episode ready to be distributed on the top podcast platforms including:

  • Apple Podcast
  • Spotify
  • Google Podcast

 As an added bonus, we will also record your studio session using our 3 camera video system and give you a fully produced video version of your podcast for you to share on your social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


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(Located within KYST 920 AM)

7322 Southwest FWY, Ste. 500 / Houston, TX / 77074